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Terms and conditions for booking tee times using our Internet booking facility.


To book a tee off time via our website, you will have to enter your credit or debit card details using our secure on-line payment process. Your card will be charged with the full amount for your booking fees.

Conditions of use

By making payment of the appropriate green fee you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Any failure to adhere to the these terms and conditions may result in you being asked to leave the course with no refund, loss of any loyalty rewards accumulated and where appropriate credit balances deducted by the appropriate amount.

Once payment has been made we will email/text a one time access code. The access code allows entry to the course for you and any players you have paid for only (Detailed in the confirmation email/text).

No dogs or non playing people (caddies, children, walkers etc.) are allowed on the course at any time.

All persons enter and play at their own risk and are reminded that golf can be a dangerous game and care should be taken at all times. Although the course is constantly monitored we can not guarantee help in the event of an accident.

On entering and leaving the course you must close the gate securely behind you and never allow anyone that you have not paid for onto the course. Should you let someone on to the course and they have not paid the appropriate green fee you will be liable for this.

The confirmation email/text will confirm the number of holes you have paid for and no extra holes should be played without further payment/consent from the owners under any circumstances. Should you play extra holes you will be personally liable for the full cost.

Players should play the course in accordance with the rules of golf, as stipulated by the R&A, and the local rules provided on the back of the score card.

Upon leaving the course please press the exit button (situated on the post by the gate) to release the gate lock. After passing through the gate please ensure it is closed securely behind you. Again please do not allow anyone else onto the course if you do and they have not paid the appropriate green fee you will be liable for this.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must contact the club quoting your reference number and details of your booking etc.

If you cancel your bookings more than 2 weeks before your chosen date, you will receive a full refund of your booking fee or an alternative date could be mutually agreed.

If you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks before your date of play, we will refund 50% of your booking fees

Failure To Cancel Your Booking

If you fail to cancel your booking, none of the booking fees will be refunded.

Course Closed

If you are unable to play your round of golf due to the course being closed (e.g. bad weather), you will receive a full refund of your green fee or an alternative date will be agreed between both parties.

Booking Non-transferable

The Booking is non-transferable. Should you be unable to make your tee time for any reason please contact the club for assistance.


There is no prerequisite for handicap certificates for normal play.

Dress Code

We don't have a dress code - just two requests - STRICTLY no high/large heels and for the enjoyment of others we request that in warm weather players keep their tops on. We encourage the use of golf shoes if you have them.



There will be no access to toilet facilities, the clubhouse/pro shop or catering during your visit.

Privacy Policy

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Contact Details

Address: Roundwood Hall Golf Club, Stone Street, Lyminge, Folkestone CT18 8DJ

Telephone: 01303 862260